I heard a rumor…

If you’ve watched the Umbrella Academy, you’ll know this phase. (It’s a great show by the way!)

Anyway, i heard from a colleague that we are going to open a new office of the same department in India. This is not so much of a rumor, but rather the news has not been announced officially. I will know in a couple of weeks what is happening officially.

But then again, i think it is a no brainer, that after the india office is setup and has stablized, our singapore office will most likely shrink or close down. I think this will most likely happen in the next couple of years.

What will I do next? I think it’s a bit early to be thinking about life after my current company.

But i do know what i want to do after the announcement, i’ll follow up with my manager on that raise we spoke about a couple months ago, and see if this has any impact.

Other than that, i have been continuously buying dividend stocks every month, i do hope that i’ll be FI when retrenchment hits me. Maybe by then, i might find a part time instead of full time work.