What a difference a month makes…

Just last month, DJI was at all time high. In a matter of weeks, it has fallen like 20%~ since the last peak.

My portfolio is down 18%. Nothing surprising given that almost all market went into freefall. I haven’t sold anything yet, and don’t intend to. But i have been nibbling a few stocks, mainly banks and REITs. Will they go lower? I don’t know, but i think there’s a possibility it might. Which is why i’m nibbling, not go all in.

And also from LHL’s comment, it seems like this might be worse than the GFC in 2008. I am no economist, but i think for our prime minister to comment on something like that, he must have data to back it up.

LHL comment

I think the most important thing now is to make sure i still have a job, so that i have income coming in during this period of time, and can still continue to buy more into the fall when/if it happens.
I’m quite fortunate that my company is still paying out bonuses this month, there is also a pending salary increment (pending HR dept, i hope it goes through). and i think in terms of job stability, we are still OK for this year.

We just have to sit tight, and prepare for the roller coaster ride ahead, and hopefully, come out of this stronger!