How I brew my coffee at home

Working in office has its perks. In our office, we have a coffee machine that can brew a decent esspresso shot. And just below our office, there is a Starbucks joint that i can grab a coffee conveniently when i don’t feel like drinking from office.

Now working from home is a different story. I don’t like 3 in 1 instant coffee, and i don’t like those kopi that you can get from the neighbourhood coffeeshop. My friends always say i only like ‘atas’ coffee. So how do i get my coffee fix while i’m at home?

Introducing my DIY coffee kit.

  • Moka pot – to brew my coffee
  • French press – to froth my milk
  • A pitcher – to heat up and pour my milk
  • Not forgetting a good blend of grounded coffee. In this case, coffee from Dutch Colony
My DIY coffee kit

Fresh coffee is a must when brewing coffee at home. I usually order mine from Perk Coffee or in this case, from Dutch Colony. They roast their beans every week so it is still fresh when it reaches you.

I use Meiji full cream milk for my white coffee. I have tried using other brands of milk, but i think Meiji milk with coffee brings out the coffee aroma more. It has less ‘milky’ taste and more of coffee aroma.

Last but not least, a french press to froth my milk. This step is actually not necessary, but i just prefer a little bit of foamy texture in my coffee.

Final product, a yummy frothy white coffee! Pretty close to a starbucks coffee.

My coffee

How much does it cost to have a kit like this?

One time cost:

  • Moka pot – $68
  • French press – $19
  • Pitcher – $3 (from aliexpress)

Recurring cost:

  • Fresh ground coffee – $19 (lasts 2-3 weeks)
  • Fresh milk – $3.50 (last 4 days)

Is this expensive? To me, it’s not. Cause i get my coffee fix, and coffee makes my day 🙂